‘Judaea Capta’ Series

Commemorating both Titus’ and his own triumph in the First Jewish Revolt, Vespasian minted many coins depicting victory over Judaea:

The first coin depicts Vespasian’s portrait, laureate right, and title on the obverse and an image of a Jewish woman sitting on the ground under a Roman trophy with the words ‘Judaea’ on the reverse. While the seated Jewess with her hands tied represents the defeat of Judaea, the Roman trophy that she sits under represents a Roman victory.

Additionally, the second coin goes on further to state ‘Judaea Capta’ or ‘Captured Judaea’ on the reverse. The portrait of Vespasian on the obverse is virtually the same as the first coin, but the image on the reverse is different. It illustrates a Jewish captive on the left and Judaea sitting defeated on the right under a palm tree, surrounded by arms.

Both ultimately convey the same message, Judaea has been defeated, but they do so in different ways. Similarly in both, Judaea sits on the ground in a defeated stance.


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