The Flavian Ampitheater

Titus completed the Flavian Ampitheater, better known as the Colosseum, in 80 AD. It was built as a monument to the triumph of the Flavians as well as to provide entertainment for Rome. These coins were issued to celebrate the the opening. The reverse side of the top coin displays an image of an elephant. The elephant symbolizes the inaugural games of the Colosseum. The inaugural games lasted for over 100 days. Many exotic animals, including elephants, fought against each or were hunted, resulting in over 5000 being killed. One Roman historian tells a story of an elephant defeating a bull, and then kneeling for Titus in recognition of his power. The second coin displays the Colosseum on the front, probably to serve as an advertisement for the Colosseum and to show the impressive structure to people who lived far away from Rome. The reverse is Titus seated and surrounded by a pile of arms.


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