Military Commemoration

This is a coin issued in 80 AD to celebrate Titus’s military victories. The obverse of the coin is an image of a trophy, with a female in mourning on the left and a captive male on the right with his hands bound behind him. After Vespasian became emperor, Titus remained in Judea. In 70 AD, Titus laid siege to Jerusalem and sacked the city and destroyed the temple of Jerusalem. Coins celebrating this victory had already been minted under Vespasian. Although it was 10 years after the victory, Titus could have issued this to remind the Roman people of his military triumph or to affirm his capability as a ruler. The coin could also celebrate Agricola’s conquest in Britain from 79-80 AD.

Many coins associated with Titus contained images of captives and trophies. Similar to the previous coin, this one has an image if a captive kneeling beneath a trophy.



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