Domitia Longina and the Deified Son

Domitia Longina and the Deified Son

In late 70 AD Domitian married Domitia Longina, after she had divorced her husband Lucius Aelianus Lamia. She was the daughter of the famous general Gnaeus Domitus Corbulo who Nero had forced to commit suicide in 66 AD. The first coin shows Domitian as emperor on the obverse and Domitia on the reverse. Together the two had a son in 73 AD that only lived briefly and Domitian honored their lost child by deifying him. The second coin is the bust of Domitia and the third coin is the bust of Domitian. Both these coins were minted in 81-82 AD. Domitian divorced and exiled Domitia in 83 AD but at some point she was brought back to the palace. Toward the end of his reign Domitian became increasingly suspicion and would exile and or execute all whom he believed to be disloyal. It is believed that Domitia helped lead the assassination of Domitian because she believed that she was considered disloyal.


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