Conflict with the Senators

Conflict with the Senators

Throughout his rule Domitian had many difficulties with the senators, and it all began when they chose to honor his dead brother Titus over his new job as emperor. Domitian grew up slightly estranged from his family and while both Vespasian and Titus gave him titles they never gave him power, that is until he took it by facilitating Titus’s death. Domitian ruled much like a tyrant, and while the senate pales to what it was during the republic they still liked to maintain some degree of power. Evidence of the strained relationship is evident in the coin’s legend. Among other things the obverse lists CENS P or Censor Perpetuus, or censor forever. Domitian assumed this title and took control over the senate’s membership roles. This would have been offensive to the senate because believed, or would like to believe, that they were independent. Interestingly, this title did not trend among succeeding emperors even though they often were title hunters. This coin was minted 92-93 and the reverse is Minerva M2: Minerva is advancing right, wielding a spear, standing on the capital of a rostral column, and accompanied by an owl.


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