End of an Era


Domitian was murdered on September 18th 96 AD at the age of forty-four and he had ruled for just over fourteen years. It is thought that the Praetorian Guards, palace officials, and Domitia Longina, his wife, were responsible for his assassination. The troops and army mourned his death as Domitian had paid them well. They called for him to be deified, but the senators refused, as they were all too happy with his death. Instead of honoring Domitian they issued a dematio memoriae, which translates to “condemnation of memory.” This called for the destruction of his statues and a major recall of all of his coins so that they could be melted down and recycled into new coins. While many of these coins were destroyed many have survived as Domitian ruled for so long. The Flavian Dynasty began under turmoil with the year of four emperors. It seemed like Vespasian rode in on a white horse and was going to lead Rome to better times. And he and Titus were successful in doing so, but when the power fell to Domitian he abused it and brought Rome back into turmoil. While the Flavian Dynasty seemed like it was built to last it ultimately fell apart in less than thirty years.


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